December 11, 2017

A Very Merry Christmas

what a busy, busy month!  and i'm not even hosting anything!!!!  go figure!

my stamp reorganizing is done.... again ....tho i'm sure i'll be doing it sometime in 2018.  don't i always?

my xmas cards are out - and there are none left in my stash!  how is that possible????  well, i'll tell you....  i've been asked by another local shop to sell them.  how blessed am i?

my xmas shopping is done.  fortunately i have a small family and i don't exchange with friends.  old people don't need anything but prayers for good health!

christmas parties and lots of food abound.  needless to say, the diet has flown the coop for the next 2 weeks.  can you guess my #1 resolution for the new year???  you got it!  there is no way i'm going to ever wear plus sizes again.  NO WAY!!!  so even tho the food is flowing, i'm still watching... and yes, i've put on about 6 lbs.  but hey!  they'll be gone for sure in a couple of weeks!  trust me on that one!

if you haven't yet joined my group over at Glitterbabe's Cards, please do so.  that is where i post and sell not only my cards, but other stuff..... at least that's my goal.

i'm not sure if i'll get back here before xmas. sooooooo, if i don't....  thank you so much for your support, your comments and the smiles you put on my face during the year.  i wish you and yours the merriest of christmas' and the most blessed of new year's!

December 03, 2017

Hello December

time sure flies. it is now december.  the weather has been gorgeous - in the 50s.  i'll take it.  however, it has given me one gosh-awful headcold!  this one is making my ears hurt.  the most annoying thing is that my right ear crackles every time i swallow.  drives me nuts.

despite it all, my xmas shopping is done!!!!  gosh i'm good - LOL.  truth is, i have VERY FEW to buy for.  i am blessed.

i've been, once again, cleaning out and reorganizing and cataloging my stamps.  yes!  i'm nuts and OCD about this.  it becomes a bigger project every time i decided to do this.  THIS MUST STOP!!!! lol.

i've also cleaned out my computer with crap too. boy! the stuff that accumulates in there!

i DO squeeze in some playtime in between my OCD stuff.....

i've been playing with flowers.  MOST of my stamps are florals.  i LOVE florals.  i have 2-1/2 photo boxes of JUST FLORAL stamps.  my next biggest amount of stamps is my christmas stamps.  i have 1-1/2 boxes of xmas stamps.  if i keep this up, i will need new shelving by march -- and there's no room to put it!  you see why i'm constantly "cleaning out". 

anyway....  i will be opening up a group on facebook where i will be selling my cards!!!  so, if you don't see me here, you can find me on FB.

hopefully, i'll get back here BEFORE xmas.

be well, be happy, be safe, be blessed and thanks so much for stopping by!

November 22, 2017

It's All Good

same old, same old. i did see a painting from a lady in one of the groups i belong to and just fell in love with it.  asked if i could CASE it and she said yes.  here's my version....

her's was done on a very light gray but i didn't have it
which is ok because i like the dark.  i hand-drew the glass and also added
the white dots.

this glass is NOT hand-drawn.  i found it googling wine glasses.
this is the inside of the card.
love how it turned out.

well my xmas stuff is up in the house - which is REALLY early for me.  i totally downsized.  no tree, no lights.  just a few table-top items and my mantle.  got rid of alot of stuff in the storage boxes so what i have up now will be what i will be doing (GOD willing).  the less, the better.  plus i can put the boxes on a shelf in the garage rather then up in the loft and then have to ask someone to get them down.

life is good.  i am blessed and thankful for EVERYTHING.

wishing you and yours...

November 12, 2017

Playing with dies

another challenge - and right up my CAS alley...  this is for ADDICTED TO CAS (which i am) - and the theme is BOWS....

November 05, 2017

A Couple Challenges

so, decided to play in a few challenges.  it's been such a long time. 

this is for the ARCHI-SCRAPS CHALLENGE - use fruit.
the apple is an old stamp i had (i have lot of those) and
often "forget" i even have them.  go figure.

this next one is for the MONOCHROME MAGIC CHALLENGE - with a twist... STARS..,.

the star is a SPELLBINDERS die.

well, there ya have it.  come join the fun at these challenges.  you KNOW you WANT to!!!  
thanks so much for stopping by

October 28, 2017

THISTLE for CAS on Friday

well, well, well, wadda ya know.  i've decided it was time to enter a challenge!  ok.  don't faint!  i know!  it's been years.  but you know me... i LOVE CAS cards.  so here's my card for CAS ON FRIDAY challenge which is flowers (another fav of mine)...

the image and sentiment is by FUN STAMPERS JOURNEY.  you can find it here.
i used fall colors.  i definitey hope this "cheers you up".

A Very Merry Christmas

what a busy, busy month!  and i'm not even hosting anything!!!!  go figure! my stamp reorganizing is done.... again ....tho i'm su...