March 01, 2017

A Whirlwind February

happy march.  i've been working on my cards for this entire week trying to make them presentable in my etsy store (yes, i've re-opened it) and for when my website finally gets up and running.  what a job!!!!  haven't seen my playroom at all!

i am an organize freak.  really.  everything has to be uniform and just so.  every picture has to be the same size, with the same frame, etc.  do you know i have pictures of cards going back to 2011????  the problem is.... i have the PICTURES.  there are many cards i no longer have - not to mention that i don't even have some of the images i used anymore either. so why am i stressing over cards i don't have?  because i even want my FILES TO LOOK COHESIVE!  call me nuts.

once i get that done, i then have to go thru the cards that i DO HAVE on hand so i can post them to sell.  that means about 400 cards out of the 3,000 + in my computer file.  yeah.... i'm nuts!

weather has been spring-like - at least until last night when we were under tornado warnings!  all over the place!  winds, rain, hail.  again, as i've always said, i live in GOD'S COUNTRY.  we just got heavy rains.

tomorrow snow.

really?  we literally got 3 seasons in one month!  mother nature is playing a very cruel trick on us.  i'll bet dollars to donuts it blizzards in july!  wait!!!  o.m.g.!  will that mean that hell froze over???????

anyway, that's it for me.  back to the computer.  thanks so much for stopping by.  HAPPY MARCH!


  1. Oh how true. I have no idea where February went. It just flew by. Still babysitting the twins almost every day but I'm trying to get them to be a little more efficient with my time. Good luck with all your computer work. Our weather has been the same. I certainly can't figure it out!

  2. Happy March to you as well.
    We are alternating between sun, showers & very strong winds at the moment here in the UK - we've seen hail and I think parts of northern UK have had more snow. Should make for an interesting run-up to Easter.
    Toni xx

  3. Ugh...organization AND weather! No wonder we are all sick 😉 Good luck with getting things organized - wish I had your dedication!

  4. Mother Nature is playing with us again- Winter is back! Stay warm and get creative this weekend : )


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