March 19, 2017


well i'm still congested but there's no coughing and it has not gone to my chest.  i feel ok just stuffy.  weather has been on the cool side and i'm enjoying the longer daylight.

keeping busy adding things to my etsy store.  please stop by and check it out.

here's what i've been playing with....

 this is my image.  it was the 1st image
i drew when i started doing digitals.
you can find it in my etsy store.

this is my daffodil.  you get both images
in jpg and png format.
perfect for spring.... ya think?

i have a quiet week other than food pantry on tuesday.  i'm hoping my head cold finally decides to go away.

have a wonderful week.


  1. Hi Stef I hope that you feel better soon, Stef your CAS style card is beautiful the Daffodil image is wonderful and full of Springtime delight.
    lorraine x

  2. I can't believe that you still have your congestion, Stef. That's been quite a while. I'm glad you're feeling some better but hope it goes away soon. Gorgeous daffodil. Our's all froze so I think the only daffodils we'll get this year is in pictures. Have a wonderful week! I'll keep you in my prayers for better health!

  3. Hope the congestion clears soon - nothing worse than feeling 'stuffed up'.
    The daffodil card is a lovely reminder of Spring and the Goofy card in the previous post is such fun.
    Mother Nature certainly has been throwing a wobbly lately. Let's hope she gets her act together soon.
    Toni xx

  4. Sorry you are not well, get better soon. I love the card and the daffodil image. Skipper sends purrs to Neenah. Get well soon.

  5. Love this card and image. Hope your cold goes away soon. I detest having a cold, you feel so aweful.

    Do you like the new blogger? I'm thinking about trying it but not sure of the look.



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